Residential Services

Since we first opened our doors in 1971, we have grown from a small program to a program that now spans six counties and offers 26 community residential facilities. Our facilities give us the ability to meet our individual’s needs, no matter what level of support they require.

Community-Based Residential Services

Our facilities operate with a community mindset that works to allow individuals to maintain their dignity and connect with others. We find these relationships are incredibly important to building the kind of community that can support people with disabilities and special needs.

We currently have nine homes operating in Greenwood, five in Lexington, six in Ware Shoals, one in Edgefield, one in McCormick, three in Due West, and one in Saluda. Each of these residential facilities offers 24-hour care, supervision, training, counseling and recreation to help the individual grow in a structured environment.

Intermediate Care Facilities/Intellectual Disability (ICF/ID) Residences

These community residences provide individualized healthcare and rehabilitation services in a residential setting with  24 hour care, training, recreation, and other activities. 

Community Training Homes (CTH)

CTH provides a home-like environment under the supervision of qualified and trained staff. Our training homes are provided for four people in a home and each resident is provided personalized care, individualized training, and supervision.

Caregivers are either employees of Burton Center who provide care in home that is owned or rented, or by trained private citizens who provide care in their own home. 

Supervised Living Programs

Adults who are moving towards independence are able to move towards independent housing options. The apartments, duplexes or single-family housing options are paired with supervision and support services to help the individual thrive. We want to offer support that encourages personal responsibility and boosts confidence to live as independently as possible.

Residential Services For Adults With Intellectual Disabilities In South Carolina

Burton Center’s Residential Services offer solutions for families and adults with intellectual disabilities throughout our six county service area in South Carolina.

We have designed our services to ensure residents are comfortable and feel at home in our facilities. Our programs offer the kind of services that many adults need to thrive. We encourage residents to furnish their rooms in ways that show of their personalities, encourage personal style and meet their individual needs. Our facilities have incorporated the universal design that offers accessibility with handrails, ramps, wide hallways, and more.

Burton Center believes that every single person has the right to experience respect, love and dignity. Our focus is on offering the programs and services that will promote the health, safety and well-being of the individual. 

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