Who We Serve

At Burton Center, we provide Case Management services to residents with disabilities and special needs within the Greenwood, Abbeville, Edgefield, McCormick, Saluda, and Laurens County areas. We work with those who have been pre-screened and referred for our services, typically including people with disabilities and special needs such as:

How Can I Become Eligible For ID/RD Division Services?

You will need a referral and pre-screening through the S.C. Department of Disabilities and Special Needs by calling 1-800-289-7012. After the initial screening for intake is done, the Case Manager will complete a home visit.

How Can I Become Eligible For HASCI (Head And Spinal Cord Injury) Division Services?

A pre-screening must be done for all South Carolina residents at the HASCI Intake and Referral in Columbia, SC. To schedule the screening, you will first call 1-866-867-3864 and leave a voicemail so an employee can call back to complete a telephone interview. Once the screening is done, the forms will be faxed to our Case Management Office and your Burton intake process will begin.

Case Management Process

We work to coordinate the services any individual needs. Once SCDDSN has deemed a person eligible for services, we appoint a Case Manager to their case. The Case Manager will meet with both the individual and their family to complete the SCDDSN Support Plan. This Support Plan will identify specific needs and outline the services or support systems that should be in place to ensure all needs are met. Annually, this plan will be reviewed, updated, and an overview of reporting will be included.

On a quarterly basis, your Case Manager will meet with you to talk about your Support Plan services to ensure needed services are received and to overview the success of the services. Some cases where Home and Community Based Waiver services are needed, the Case Manager may be required to make monthly monitoring visits. Additionally, your Case Manager will be available to monitor services as often as needed.

Will I Be Placed On A Waiting List?

Because our services are based on need, there may be a waiting list for programs or services. Waiting lists are common in our day services, residential services and the Home and Community Based Waiver programs.

Learn more about how our services can assist individuals with specific disabilities and special needs.